Sunday Igboho Acquires A New Prado 2021″

A famous Nigerian TV promoter, popularly known as esho have taken to his Instagram page and revealed that Sunday Igboho has bought a new car.

Pictures of the new Prado Sunday Igboho bought has been trending all over the internet since today


According to a recent Instagram post that was made by esho, he took to his official Instagram page and shared pictures of the new prodo 2021 Sunday Igboho bought.


In this article, I will be sharing pictures of the new Prado 2021 Sunday Igboho bought.

Check out pictures below:




From the pictures that was shared above, you will clearly see the new prado 2021 Sunday Igboho bought.

In addition, according to information that was disclosed by Google, they made it known that the cost of 2021 Prado Jeep in around 25 million naira.


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