See The Wedding Gown A Muslim Lady Wore That Covered Her Body As Islam Commanded

Many people think Muslims are not allowed to wear Wedding Gowns on the wedding day but this is not true, Islam has not condemned the wearing of wedding gown for ladies so far it covers the whole body. it’s expected of a Muslim Lady to wear a cloth that covered all her body on the wedding day.


beautiful Muslim couple that just got married Uploaded the wedding photos on social media, the wedding gown the Bride wore is White, simple, and beautiful. Let’s see the wedding photos, beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom and the wedding gown she wore.

The Wedding Gown covered her body as Islam Commanded, because ladies are not allowed to wear a gown that reveals part of her body in Islam. It a full white gown and it looks beautiful on her. Ladies are allow to wear any color of wedding gown but most women like White Wedding Gown because it indicates purity.


See below the photos beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom and the wedding gown













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