Baba Ijesha told me he never raped Princess’s foster daughter and that the victim also said he never raped her – Yomi Fabiyi says after visiting the actor in Police station

Baba Ijesha told me he never raped Princess

Actor Yomi Fabiyi has paid a visit to embattled Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha, in police custody and has come out to tell the world what the embattled actor told him.


Baba Ijesha is currently being held for allegedly raping the foster daughter of comedian, Princess. Yomi who has been analyzing the whole incident has called for the arrest of Princess and many others who planted a CCTV camera and recorded Baba Ijesha while he was molesting the.


According to Princess, she rendered help to Princess some years ago and this made him have access to her home. She said it was during one of those visits that Baba Ijesha allegedly raped her foster daughter when she was seven. Princess claimed that seven years later, the victim opened up to her that the actor molested her. To ensure there is evidence to back up her claim, Princess planned with some people and a CCTV was planted in her home. Baba Ijesha was lured to her house and was left in the apartment with the victim whom he molested.


In an interview with City People, Yomi said during his visit, Baba Ijesha told him he never raped the victim.

”I went there. I created time and I sought audience to speak with him. They told him. It’s not like we are close. He doesn’t know where I live. I don’t know where he lives. He hasn’t been in my movie before, for close to 18 years that I have been producing. But I must respect the fact that he is a colleague. We have acted together. We have met abroad together. He cared for me and I cared for him. We are one family no matter what anybody says.

I saw him and I was like I want you to tell me in all honesty, did you rape the young girl? because I was having images in my head and I don’t want to believe he is the one.

He told me that Yomi, there was never a time I raped this lady and this lady never said I raped her. Go and ask her. I said the police said you confessed to the crime. What is in the video they are talking about and what crime did you confess to?

He said ‘Yomi, they showed me a CCTV after they bundled me. They came in, started beating me, they started torturing me. Then they showed me CCTV touching the girl”


Yomi said he asked Baba Ijesha what his relationship was with Princess before this rape drama and he said they became close after her marriage crashed

”I asked him and he said Yomi, I had marital problem the same time she had her own and we became closer. She helped me with admission.

I asked him ‘were you guys having sexual relationship?..He said Yomi we became close.

A police officer was there. I said no problem, that is not my concern because of the way he answered. Whether it has a link with what you are going through, if it is necessary, you will tell the court”


Yomi said a twist to the whole drama is that the victim allegedly confessed to being sexually assaulted not by Baba Ijesha but by someone closely related to Princess.

According to him, Baba Ijesha said;

”Another interesting part is the girl actually confessed to being sexed , not by Baba Ijesha but by someone who is actually closely related to Princess, who is in police custody. Nobody is talking about it.

Quote me! Except the police will lie, that somebody has been arrested because the girl confessed that Baba Ijesha did not sleep with me and that the person that has been exploiting me sexually lives on my street and they are in Panti.

So which justice system will look into the whole scenario and will now be focusing on one.”he said


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