Housewife caught having sex with 16-year-old stepson

A woman is reportedly in police custody after she was caught sleeping with her 16-year-old stepson.

Social media user identified as King David on twitter took to the platform to reveal that a woman in his area was caught in the act of sleeping with her stepson who is a minor.

According to David, the woman has been handed over to the police by the family.

See his tweets below:

One woman in my area has been sleeping with her step son for 3 years now and the dude is just 16.

The fight and breaking of heads this morning no be here 😂

For those bashing me for the smiley at the end, my bad but its just pure frustration couple with the head breaking that’s abit funny.

This is a serious case and with the update i got, she has been handed to the Police. Hopefully, she gets punished severely!

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