Buhari became president when I was 20, he will leave when I am 28 – Man laments bitterly

A Nigerian man, Chiedozie Ike, has taken to social media to lament bitterly over wasted years he will never get back under the current Buhari-led administration.

Over the past few years, Nigeria has been faced with numerous challenges, from high rate of unemployment to economic downturn, insecurity, deteriorating education and healthcare standards.

President Buhari who got elected for his first term in 2015, and was re-elected in 2019, is serving his second tenure which will elapse in 2023.

These and many more are the reasons Chedozie is in pain, as he noted that Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as President when he (Chiedozie) was 20, and by the time the president leaves office, he would have turned 28.

The young man said he is angry that his 20s was as hard as experienced.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote;

”Buhari became president when i was 20. he will leave when I am 28.

subtly pissed that my 20s was this hard.”

See his post:

@d_nseyo; Sad reality of Nigerian politics.

@RealMilli0n; Wasted years. It’s not like any age group had it better. Imagine the pain of those who were 80 when Buhari came into power. They would die miserable with no time to have hope for a better tomorrow.

Great_juan1; Jesus.. this is worse than the plagues of Egypt. This is 8years a slave

@RayErvero; These are the issues, years one can never get back no matter the therapy or acceptance

@aniefioketimMyk; With the conversations going round on his possible replacement, the hardship might extend for another 8years.

The hardship I’m referring to isn’t directed at you tho but Nigerians, if we don’t learn lessons

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