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“My Rejection Rate Is Very High, But I’m Now Used To It”- DJ Cuppy On How She Deals With Rejections

Nigerian disc jockey and musician Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola better known in the entertainment world as DJ Cuppy has shared a very powerful inspirational message on how she deals with the rejections in her life despite her name.

She said with all of the things that she has achieved in life, her rejection rate is very high, but that doesn’t keep her at the bottom since she has now learn to be used to it.

She stated with all the achievements in her musical career, there’s about 9 rejections in each and every one of them but that doesn’t affect her ego nor her dreams as she’s a fighter and believes in destiny.

Cuppy went on to motive her fans by telling them to understand and learn from her and make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen in their lives.

Lemme tell you a secret, for every achievement and YES you’ve seen in my career there’s about 9 NO’s. My rejection rate is very high, but I’m now used to it… This never bruises my ego nor stops my dreams, because I am a fighter and believe in destiny.

I REALLY want you to understand this and learn from me- STOP waiting for things to happen; MAKE them happen.You don’t ask, you don’t get. #CuppyDat

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