Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Invest more in your wife’s siblings, they will help your children in future – Lady advises men

A Nigerian lady simply known as Chiamaka has advised married men to take good care of their brother and sister in-laws because they would help in the future.

According to her, it is wise for men to invest in their wife’s siblings because they would become a great source of help to their children when trying times manifest.

Chiamaka stated that by doing this, he would have successfully secured his children’s future as his wife’s siblings would remember them when things start going bad for the family.

She shared her thoughts via Twitter, writing;

”Invest more in your wife’s siblings. They are the only one that will remember your children when things goes bad.”

See the post:

@Ezego_peters; i don’t totally agree with this tweet because at the end of the day it all goes down with individualities.. Who will help will help regardless of the sides whether maternal or paternal

@mr_efreedom; Buy one Ethereum each for your kids. When they grow, they won’t be needing any uncles and aunties.

Trust me.

@Eze_na_orlu; My wife siblings should go and hustle… All these family nonsense is a very big scam… Save, invest wisely for your kids and generation…

@ngei_tampio; This is funny but so true. My dad helped train my mum’s relatives and since he passed they are the only ones that come through for us whenever we need assistance. This is so true

@dedonnse; Do not put your trust in humans. Isaiah 2:22

@QueenterMando; My late Dad invested in my uncles but none of them has ever supported us. We grow up knowing what it’s means not to have enough. Forget all this family nonsense, is a very big scam.. If only our late Dad saved and invested wisely for us.

@Therese_a_; LOL is it because Uncles and Aunties from the mother’s side usually relate better than those from the father’s side? Anyway, if they aren’t kids, they should go and work!


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