Toddler who always loitered around school with a book gets enrolled as pupil

A little girl’s strong desire to acquire formal education at a tender age was exhibited in a unique way which eventually paid off.

To achieve the aspiration of being educated, the toddler identified as Amatala Musa began to habitually loiter around the premises of Not Forgotten Initiative (NFI) school, a non-profit centre for learning in the FCT with the sole purpose of providing free access to education to vulnerable children.

The school’s administration had talked to her mum about it as they weren’t admitting any student at that time but that didn’t stop Amatala from coming around every time.

The girl who is not a pupil of the school, however, caught the attention of the management on a random day after she showed up in her usual spot dressed in her brother’s oversize uniform and shoes.

Amatala’s perseverance finally paid off as the school accepted her despite the fact that the they are “not currently admitting students, and does not admit children under three years of age.”

In a series of tweets, The NFI school management was said to have been stunned by the less than three-year-old girl’s determination and decided to enroll her in the school.

“Meet the tenacious little Amatala Musa! Amatala is not our student, her siblings are but every now and again we would notice her hang around school premises under the sun with a book, we have spoken to her mom about this. Please note; We are not currently admitting students.

“Even if we were, definitely not ones under 3. Yesterday Amatala showed up to her usual spot, only this time, she was dressed in her brothers school shirt and sports short with an oversized shoe while it was the most hilarious sight.

“We saw a determination! We saw a child with a strong desire to learn. Mrs A took one look at this beautiful human and couldn’t resist. our baby girl is resuming school today,” the school wrote.

Mrs A took one look at this beautiful human and couldn’t resist. our baby girl is resuming school today.

— nfischool (@nfischool) March 26, 2021Kind-hearted individuals made cash donations and gifts to the school on behalf of the little girl.

In a subsequent tweet, the school announced that they had received N120k for the girl’s support.

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