57 year old woman gives birth to baby boy five years after losing 13 year old daughter to brain tumor

A 57 year old woman, Barbara Higgins has welcomed a baby boy with her 65-year-old husband, Kenny Banzhoff, five years after losing their only daughter.

Higgins who lost her 13-year-old daughter, Molly, to a brain tumor in 2016, gave birth to a bouncy baby boy on Saturday, March 20th.

The couple from Concord in New Hampshire, US, revealed they are excited about the new addition to their family. According to the new mum she desired another child after her daughter Molly’s death in 2016, and has started dreaming about it before it eventually became a reality.

She said,

“In 2016 my daughter Molly died from an undiagnosed brain tumor. (It) was a traumatic, life-altering, horrifying experience. It hobbles you completely.

“It was a pretty persistent dream. I’d wake up with an overriding feeling that I need to have another child. I was 53 at the time.”

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