I banned my kids from wearing Ronaldo’s Juventus No.7 shirt – Everton star, Allan

The former Napoli midfielder Allan Marques Loureiro has said Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus No.7 shirt is forbidden in his house.

According to him, while his children are allowed to wear Ronaldo’s Real Madrid No. 7 shirts when they support the Portuguese star, the Juventus colour is prohibited.

Allan said his two children, Miguel and Manuela, idolise Ronaldo, but he will not let them wear the superstar’s Juventus kit.

The Brazil International recently shaved his hair as a show of solidarity for nine-year-old Miguel, who suffers from alopecia.

“They are big fans of Cristiano Ronaldo so he has always had a Ronaldo shirt, however, he is not allowed to have a Ronaldo Juventus shirt because they are massive rivals of Napoli, so there are a lot of Real Madrid No. 7 shirts at home,” he told Liverpool Echo.

“That is normal. The kids always dream about scoring goals and idolise the goalscorers, my son is no exception.”

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