Pupil wears many clothes under school uniform to protect himself against cane (Video)

A little boy has taken many down memory lane to when a student commits an offence in school and finds a way to pad his clothing in preparation for being flogged by the teacher.

A video which has gone viral shows a primary school pupil removing eight different shirts he wore to protect himself against lashes in school.

A Twitter user shared the video clip which has evoked mixed reactions on social media.

It looked like the young boy had probably gone to school late or failed to perform an assignment.

He appeared puffy and was asked to remove all the shirts he had on, and by the time he was done, one would be left to think that he had emptied his entire wardrobe onto the classroom floor.

Watch the video below:

Netizens were swift to share their thoughts in reaction to the video.

@G_Samito said; This guy suppose chop better beating for break time. Because he’s shining his teeth and doing what they didn’t send him. oversabi.

jideflash; because the weather was too cold, he had improvise a way to warm up.

@Maker2creative; I don’t think we should blame the poor boy….so many things would actually triggered his action ….but its actually lack of parental care that he lacked and its caused by bad Government……#poorgovernment #badgovernment.

@boydrms07; One of the things I didn’t do in school, I no dey get the energy. The day I managed wearing cartoon on my bombom, teacher forgave us.

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