“A lot of people who hate cheating are cheats” – Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has opined that most people who hate cheating are cheats too.

According to the blogger, a large percentage of people who detest it when their partners are unfaithful to them are likely cheats as well.

She stated that the major reason why such people hate it is because they hate feeling like their partners pulled a fast one on them.

Blessing, who was certain that her assertion is true, explained that it is the reason why cheating husbands hate it when their wives cheats.

In the post shared via Instagram, she wrote,

A lot of people who hate cheating are cheats too, they just hate the fact that someone is smarter than they are…
Fight all u want u know it’s true just shut up.
That is why cheating men can’t stand cheating women, because men hate to believe that woman can play the game better. Taaaaaa

See her post below,

blessing okoro cheat

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