Robbers stole my sister’s wig inside a bus because she didn’t have any other valuables – Lady narrates

Nigeria is a country that never falls short of hilarious oddities which keeps one pondering on the rational or reason for certain actions.

A Nigerian lady was robbed while she was in a bus on her way back home, but rather than collect the usual money or valuable items, the robbers stole her wig.

The victim’s sister simply known as Omorose, took to Twitter to share the story and social media users found it weirdly amusing, including the narrator.

Omorose said her sister was on her way back from the market when the incident occurred.

She didn’t have any valuable item in her possession except her transport fare and so, the robbers decided that rather than leave her without collecting a dime, they stole her wig.

In her words;

”My sister’s bus was robbed and she didn’t have anything in her possession except her Tfare cos she was coming back from the market so they took her wig. It’s not supposed to be funny but guyyyyy”

See her post:


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