RELEASE Sowore Or Face Mass Civil Resistance -Chairman AAC

The AAC Abuja chapter, have watched painstakingly the developments surrounding the illegal abduction of human rights activist, prisoner of conscience and 2019 presidential candidate, Stephen, Omoyele Sowore who news broke on 1/1/2021 of his abduction by the notorious SARS officers and since haven’t been charged for any offense(s) alongside other abducted comrades in the persons of Juwon, Michael, Damilare and Kimrere.

In a joint press statement, CORE, Abuja stated.
We’re unsurprised by the violation of human rights
By Buhari whose antecedents dates from 1983.

But he should be rest assured that we’ll continue to demand for human rights as it is not only constitutional but DIVINE.

We’ve resolved that if by Monday, Sowore and other comrades aren’t released, we’ll occupy Abuja.

Buhari has a lot on his table to worry about, from corruption to insecurity, incompetence, bad infrastructure, dilapidated healthcare, ineptitude, world capital of extreme, multidimensional poverty and poor working conditions of the working class, other than worry over Sowore and other voices of dissent.

This is a new year and the executive are advised to terminate their brazen rascality by hijacking the instrumentality of power as against our common consanguinity.

Buhari should instead, channel this energy into safeguarding Zamfara, Kaduna, Borno, Yola, Kano and Katsina. Make life meaningful and worth living for Nigerians!

The Nigerian populace have resolved to take back their country from mediocrity and place her in glory amongst comity of nations and no level of intimidation can stop that.

You can’t stop an idea whose time has come.

Abdul Ameen

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