Most domestic violence suffered by women are caused by them – Relationship Counselor

A Nigerian man identified as Iwe Ego, has shared a controversial opinion on how women are responsible for the domestic violence they suffer at the hands of their spouse.

According to the man who often gives relationship advise on social media, women are to blame for instigating domestic abuse or violence they usually suffer in their homes.

He said the abuses women suffer could have been easily prevented from occurring by them but they provoke their partners into being physical.

Iwe Ego made the comment on Facebook, where he noted that no man will ever beat his woman, without the woman provoking him.

He stated 99 percent of domestic abuse cases is the woman’s fault because she gave her men a tangible reason to descend on her.

“Women should know this, no man, I repeat, No man will wake up one day and start beating his wife. 99% causes of beating comes from the women. I wait for your insult,” he wrote.

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