Kyle Walker revealed who Man City players send to Pep Guardiola when they want a day off

Earlier this season Kyle Walker revealed Manchester City’s stars send Bernardo Silva to ask Pep Guardiola for days off.

After City beat Chelsea 1-0 in the FA Cup semi-finals on Saturday, the issues of packed schedules and player welfare were again thrust into the spotlight.

Kyle Walker revealed who Man City players send to Pep Guardiola when they want a day off

City were forced to play the match less than 72 hours after their Champions League quarter-final defeat to Real Madrid went to extra-time and penalties.

The other semi-final between Manchester United and Coventry City, will take place on Sunday, despite the fact that neither side played in midweek.

After the match, City star Bernardo Silva and manager Pep Guardiola both voiced their anger and the situation.

“Today we didn’t play on a level field because the FA didn’t give us a chance to recover. Which in my opinion is not reasonable at all,” Silva, who scored the winning goal in the 84th minute, complained.

“It’s too much. Today was too much. We played 120 minutes less than three days ago, and we had to play against a team that didn’t travel because they’re from London. And they had five days waiting for us and thinking about our game.

“There’s no excuse for the game to not be tomorrow [Sunday]. It’s not acceptable. For all of us as a team that’s how we feel.”

Guardiola took a similar line in his post-match interview with BBC Sport, saying: “It’s unacceptable to let us play today. It’s impossible, for the health of the players. It’s not normal. It’s unacceptable.

“120 minutes, the emotions of Madrid, the way we lose, honestly. I know this country is special [with the FA Cup] but it’s for the health of the players. I don’t understand how we survived today.”

Due to their packed schedule, City play every three days for much of the season.

When their stars need a rest, club captain Kyle Walker revealed that Silva is the one they send to Guardiola to ask for time off.

“Bernardo Silva has such a good relationship with the manager that when we want days off, we ask him to go and talk to Pep,” Walker said earlier this season.


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