Pep Guardiola finally responds to why he ‘coaches’ players on the pitch at full time

Pep Guardiola has finally answered his critics in hilarious fashion.

Pep Guardiola finally responds to why he 'coaches' players on the pitch at full time

Pep Guardiola has finally responded to why he is often seen one on one coaching his players on the pitch after games.

Fans have Guardiola’s tradition over the years, with an intense exchange between Joshua Kimmich in 2016 being the first time it was really picked up by those watching.

Guardiola’s most recent ‘dressing down’ came at the weekend against Arsenal when Jack Grealish, who came on as a substitute was seen locked in a passionate conversation with Guardiola after full time.

The cameras didn’t capture what was said between the pair, but the Spaniard gestured towards the City winger before patting him on the head on the broadcast of the match.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t particularly new behavior from Guardiola has exhibited similar behavior towards his players immediately after matches, beIN Sports anchor Richard Keys expressed disapproval.

He remarked, “Leave it for the dressing room! It’s all for the cameras, isn’t it? It’s so tiresome. Go down the tunnel; it shouldn’t even be on the pitch. Now he’s got to go and tell everyone else what they did wrong, of course.”

Following the backlash, Guardiola was questioned on the reason behind the decision to speak with his players while still on the pitch and his response made it pretty clear how he feels about the criticism.

“I do it for the cameras. For my ego. I’m the most famous person of the team. I need the cameras to go to sleep with incredible satisfaction. That’s the reason why, always I try to criticize the player there and let them feel how bad they are,” Guardiola ironically told reporters.

Just to add to the comedy of the press conference, the City manager added: “Even when Erling scores three goals the compliment has to be with me.”

Grealish wasn’t the only recipient of Guardiola’s tactical advice; Jeremy Doku also received an on-pitch lesson from his manager at full-time.

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