Messi’s post-match routine surprised me, Henry, Eto’o – Toure

In a recent revelation, Former Manchester City attacking midfielder, Yaya Toure disclosed that Lionel Messi had a unique exemption from training post-match during their time at Barcelona.

Instead of joining his teammates on the field, Messi opted for massages to ensure he remained fresh for upcoming matches.

Toure, speaking to GOAL, expressed his surprise at the decision, which left himself, Samuel Eto’o and Thierry Henry puzzled.

He recalled his initial reaction, stating, “Actually, in my first year at Barcelona, Messi was a bit like that. We’d finish a game, we’d train. He’s resting [having] a massage.”

The legendary trio questioned Messi’s choice, with Toure recounting conversations with Eto’o and Henry, both wondering about Messi’s post-match routine.

Toure emphasized the team’s efforts to preserve Messi’s fitness due to the numerous kicks and tackles he endured on the pitch.

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