“You Love Money and Complain Too Much”: K1 De Ultimate Replies Ex-drummer, Ayankunle

“You Love Money and Complain Too Much”: K1 De Ultimate Replies Ex-drummer, Ayankunle

Weeks after an interview granted by K1 de Ultimate’s former band member, Ayankunle went viral, the veteran Fuji maestro respondsKwam 1, during an interview with Henzodaily.ng, spoke about the difficulties of managing troublesome band members and Ayankunle’s caseThe veteran Fuji musician revealed the reasons why Ayankunle is a particular case and why he had to fire him

A video of veteran Fuji musician King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal hitting back at his former band member, Ayanlowo Ayankunle, has sparked massive reactions on social media.

Kwam1’s response came weeks after Ayankunle’s interview went viral. He had accused K1 de Ultimate of treating him and many other band members unfairly and unjustly.

Fuji star K1 de Ultimate bears it all in a viral interview with Henzodaily.ng as he responds to all the allegations levelled against him by Ayankunle.
Photo credit: @kingwasiuayindemarshal
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Ayankunle noted that K1 usually treated his band members less than dogs and were paid peanuts, making it almost impossible for them to survive and feed their families.

Kwam 1 slams Ayankunle

During his interview, Kwam1 replied to Ayankunle, calling him greedy, pretentious and ungrateful. He noted that Ayanlowo loves money too much.

K1 de Ultimate also revealed why he usually seizes the passports of his band members whenever they travel abroad.

He noted that several times, his former band members took it as an opportunity to “JAPA” whenever they travelled for gigs.

The veteran Fuji artist further averred that running a band isn’t as easy as people make it seem, and he has been running it for nearly 50 years, which makes it impossible not to have issues with some members at some point because he is the same as them.

However, Kwam1, during the interview, issued a warning, noting that if Ayankunle likes, he goes or stays, that will not stop him from singing nor ruin his legacy.

Reactions trail Kwam1’s interview

Here are some of the comments that trailed Kwam1’s response to Ayankunle’s interview:


“Person wey count money before he spray 9ice ? Abeg he’s guilty of all charges.”


“Ppl wey never manage band before can never understand what baba is saying.”


“Boda wasiu, iro le n pa!.. periodt!… E bad!!!!”


“No one has ever talked good about this man jarey unto the next!”


“Why re u so stingy.”


“How can you borrow to keep band yet you’re always working.”


“With all due respect, it is natural for people to voice their concerns in the workplace if they feel they are being treated poorly.”


“Only a Somalian would believe K1 the Ultimate. Psychologically, this one on one interview with him one can read the countenance and tells more that Wasiu Ayinde is guilty of the offence levied against him.”

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