Saudi Bans Nigerians, Others From Performing Umrah Twice During Ramadan, Gives Reason

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that Nigerian pilgrims and others would not be issued permits to perform Umbrah twice during RamadanThis move was disclosed in a report by the Saudi’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on Sunday, citing the issue of overcrowdingThe statement explained that under the Nusuk application system, applicants who have applied before will see “issuance of the permit failed” when trying to apply again

Jeddah – The Saudi Arabia authority has announced that Nigerians and other foreigners would not be allowed to perform Umrah, popularly known as lesser hajj, more than once in the ongoing 2024 Ramadan fasting.

In a report by Saudi Gazette, a media outlet in Saudi Arabia, the reason for the regulation was to ease the challenges of overcrowding during the spiritual rites in the month of Ramadan, adding that the period was the peak of the Umrah season of the year.

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According to the report on Sunday, March 17, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that it would not issue a permit to perform Umrah to an individual during the month of Ramadan.

Saudi’s statement on performing Umrah in Ramadan

The statement partly read:

“Permits to perform two or more Umrah pilgrimages will not be issued during the holy month. This move is to ease congestion and provide the opportunity for all other pilgrims to perform Umrah in ease and comfort during the holy month.”

The report further explained that the Nusuk application system, a platform where pilgrims plan their Hajj and Umrah trips, anyone who has been issued a permit for Umrah in the month of Ramadan would not be issued for the second time.

It stated that if such a person tried to apply for the second time, it would say, “Issuance of the permit failed.” The ministry then noted that there are many benefits in performing Umrah during the Ramadan fasting.

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