We Are Preparing To Announce New Minimum Wage – FG



According to TheCable, Akume, representing President Tinubu at the event, expressed optimism about forthcoming changes as more Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses are introduced to the country.

He emphasized the potential for collaboration across the three tiers of government to enhance services for citizens, stating, “Ours is a complex federation, where the three tiers of government all have access to federation accounts and so if we work together, we can do more for our people.”

Furthermore, he highlighted the impending impact of the increased availability of CNG buses and the forthcoming implementation of a new minimum wage.

He remarked, “Things will begin to change as more compressed natural gas (CNG) buses make their way to the country and as we prepare for a new minimum wage.”

Recalling previous agreements reached between the Tinubu administration and organized labor in 2023, which led to the suspension of a nationwide strike, it was stipulated that measures such as the provision of CNG vehicles, a cash transfer program, and an increment in the minimum wage would be undertaken.

To fulfill these commitments, the federal government announced plans in August 2023 to invest N100 billion to acquire 3,000 CNG-powered 20-seater buses by March 2024.

Additionally, in December, a further N130 billion was budgeted for CNG conversion and electric vehicles.

In terms of minimum wage demands, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) advocated for a new national minimum wage of N794,000 for workers in the South-West zone, while proposing a minimum wage of N540,000 for its workers in the South East.

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