I went to Wigwe’s room around 4 am and what I saw scared me, I saw his eyeballs so deep -Sola Faleye

According to Sola Faleye, who served as Herbert Wigwe’s personal assistant and was the former CEO of Access Bank, an event occurred in Germany early in the morning when Wigwe asked Faleye to bring a charger for him. Faleye was the personal assistant of Wigwe.



Faleye stated that upon entering Wigwe’s room, he was shocked by the intensity in Wigwe’s gaze. This statement was expressed in a video that was uploaded to YouTube by Channels TV. However, later in the day, he worked up the nerve to voice his worry, and Wigwe explained that those were the times when he focused on his plans and methods. He stated that the experience had left him feeling afraid. In his conclusion, he referred to Wigwe as a remarkable individual.

In Faleye’s words: “I went to [Wigwe’s] room around 4 a.m. and what I saw scared me, I saw his eyeballs so deep not like an ordinary human and I gave him the charger and I went back.

“In the afternoon I asked him, sir, I was afraid when I saw you that morning and he said those are the times when he reflects on what to do. He was a great man, his dreams are scattered everywhere germinating and growing”

Watch the video from 7:57

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