Mateu Lahoz admits he ‘harmed Barca’ — one decision cost them title

Mateu Lahoz admits he 'harmed Barca' — one decision cost them title

In a recent revelation made before the Civil Guardia, former La Liga official Mateu Lahoz openly admitted that there were instances where his refereeing decisions ‘harmed’ Barcelona.

“Some situations are just hard to judge. There might’ve been some that benefited some clubs or others,” he said, as per La Vanguardia.

Lahoz went on to provide specific examples, including a critical mistake that cost Blaugrana a title.

Back in 2014, Barca were in a tight race for the La Liga crown with Atletico Madrid, and the decisive head-to-head clash on May 17 determined the winner. The Catalans needed three points to secure the title, while a draw was enough for Diego Simeone’s side.

64 minutes into the game, when the score was 1-1, Lionel Messi notched what appeared to be a legitimate goal, making it 2-1— a result the Blaugrana needed. However, Lahoz disallowed it, raising his flag for an offside call.

Eventually the game ended in a draw, handing los Colchoneros their first title league in 18 years.

“If you think Negreira influenced the referees, why would I do it? Would I nulify a valid goal that would give Barca a title? Exactly,” Lahoz concluded.

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