Neymar reaches out to Dani Alves: helps his friend with a lawyer and more than 150,000 euros

The former Barcelona defender has almost served a year in prison awaiting a trial that will begin next month

Neymar reaches out to Dani Alves: helps his friend with a lawyer and more than 150,000 euros

Neymar has helped Dani Alves by providing him legal support and a significant cash donation as the ex-soccer player awaits trial for sexual assault in a night club that has seen him spend a year in jail.

Dani Alves has been behind bars since January 20, 2023, when he was admitted to the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona after being accused by a 23-year-old girl who claimed that the soccer player sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of the reserved area of the Sutton nightclub.

The alleged victim asks for a compensation of 150,000 euros for “physical and psychological” sequels after the alleged rape in the night club. In addition, this private prosecution requests a sentence of twelve years in prison for the Brazilian.

The remand will come to an end with the trial that will begin next February 5 at 10:00 CET and will also extend on the sixth and seventh of the same month, as reported by the Audiencia de Barcelona.

Dani Alves asked Neymar for help

According to Brazilian media, Dani Alves contacted Neymar, his friend and former teammate at Barcelona and PSG, and the national team, in search of financial and legal help to face the trial that will begin next month.

Brazilian media outlet UOL claims that Neymar‘s father has transferred money to help in Dani Alves‘ defense. The money has been used to pay a fine called “mitigating indemnity for the damage caused” of 150,000 euros to the Spanish courts.

This amount may help reduce Dani Alves‘ sentence in case of conviction. In addition, Alves appointed Gustavo Xisto, one of the oldest legal representatives of Neymar‘s father’s companies, as his attorney-in-fact and removed Dinorah Santana, his ex-wife, from the management of his assets.

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