Ivory Coast vs Super Eagles tickets sold out: here’s how much they cost

In a thrilling build-up to the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), anticipation has reached a fever pitch as tickets for the highly anticipated clash between Ivory Coast and the Super Eagles of Nigeria have officially sold out.

Scheduled as one of the marquee fixtures in Group A, this showdown promises to be a spectacle of football prowess and national pride.

The encounter is set to take place on Thursday, 18 January, and it comes as no surprise that the host nation facing the three-time AFCON champions has captured the imagination of fans, resulting in a complete sell-out of tickets.

Ivory Coast vs Super Eagles tickets prices

Super Eagles team photo

One of the contributing factors to the heightened interest in this Super Eagles match is the attractive pricing structure for tickets.

Super Eagles fans had the option to choose from three categories, each offering a unique viewing experience.

Category Three (3) tickets, the most affordable, were priced at 7192.80 Naira (approximately 8 US Dollars).

For those seeking a bit more comfort and proximity to the action, Category Two (2) tickets were available at 14385.60 Naira (about 16 US Dollars).

Category One (1), came with a price tag of 21578.40 Naira (approximately 24 US Dollars).

With Super Eagles’ tickets quickly snatched up, football enthusiasts are gearing up for an unforgettable match that not only promises intense competition on the field but also an electrifying atmosphere in the stands.

The sold-out status reflects the fervor surrounding this fixture, highlighting the immense popularity of the beautiful game in both Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

As the teams prepare to showcase their talent, fans eagerly await the kickoff, ready to be part of the AFCON 2023 excitement.

The sold out matches so far

  1. Cote d’ivoire – Guinée-Bissau
  2. Cote d’ivoire – Nigeria / EQ-Guinea – Guinée-Bissau
  3. Senegal – Cameroon / Guinea – The Gambia
  4. EQ Guinea – Cote d’ivoire / Mozambique – Ghana
  5. Egypt – Ghana

Nigeria ranks fourth in pre-event ticket sales for AFCON 2023

Nigeria has emerged as a formidable force in terms of ticket sales, securing the fourth position in the Confederation of African Football’s rankings.

According to CAF, Nigeria’s ticket sales have placed the country among the top five in the continent, underscoring the immense support and enthusiasm of football fans.

Data from the football governing organization’s X handle reveals that a total of 12,544 tickets have already been purchased nationwide, highlighting the significant anticipation and eagerness of Nigerian fans to be part of the AFCON 2023 spectacle.

As the nation gears up to rally behind the Super Eagles, the impressive pre-event ticket sales signal a vibrant football culture and an unwavering passion for the beautiful game within Nigeria.

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