Burglars raid footballer, Jack Grealish’s home and leave with ‘£1MILLION in jewellery’

Manchester City star, Jack Grealish’s mansion was raided for £1million worth of jewellery by thieves on Wednesday night, December 27.


Burglars raid footballer, Jack Grealish

Family of the Manchester City winger who was playing in his side’s 3-1 win against Everton at the time were reportedly forced to ‘hit panic buttons’ inside the house.


According to The Sun, 10 relatives including Grealish’s fiancée Sasha Attwood, parents, two sisters, and brother – were watching the match before being alerted by noises upstairs. 


The outlet further claim that the family were forced to run and hide for cover inside the mansion that Grealish only moved into before Christmas. 



Police reported to the scene immediately and even had a helicopter search the area however the offenders were able to escape with £1million worth of jewellery.  



A source told the Sun: ‘The family are really shaken. The gang took a lot of watches and jewellery.



‘They executed their raid when Manchester City were playing live on TV and all his family had gathered downstairs to cheer him on.



‘No one was injured but there was a lot of panic. Everyone was terrified as they were all so vulnerable.



‘It’s an enormous property, so it is understandable why no one heard anything at first. It was also the first time the family had visited so they were unfamiliar with the property.



‘When the dogs went mad, and they could hear people creeping about, they pressed the security panic alarm’. 



The incident in Cheshire comes weeks after West Ham star Kurt Zouma and his family were left ‘traumatised’ after an armed gang raided their £3m home and stole £100,000 in cash and jewellery.

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