Delay in November salary explained

The delay in the payment of November salaries to employees of federal ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) has been attributed to a “glitch” in the system.

Several affected workers mentioned receiving no clarification from authorities regarding the cause of the delay.

However, The Cable reported that Bawa Mokwa, the director of press at the office of the accountant-general of the federation, said in a phone conversation that the integrated personnel and payroll information system (IPPIS) unit, responsible for the payments, encountered technical issues.

The director confirmed that the matter had been addressed, ensuring that all affected employees would receive their salaries tonight (December 5).

“I have just left the IPPIS office. The director overseeing the payment confirmed that they have rectified the issue,” Mokwa informed TheCable.

“Today, the glitch was resolved, and all errors have been rectified. You can quote me. All federal workers will receive their November salary tonight.”

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