Woman Whose 4 Kids Failed DNA Test For Husband Explains Why She Did It

Oluwatoyin Olarewaju Tella aka Mummy G.O, whose DNA test revealed that her husband was not the biological father of all her four children, has revealed why she did it

. According to her, she discovered after marrying her husband in 2007 that he was unable to perform in bed. To keep this secret from their church members and the public, she decided to have children with other men.

She stated, “Never you blame or curse me for what DNA test brought out. My husband can’t perform at all, and I tried to hide this secret by meeting other men outside for us to have children”.

She also suggested that her husbands family should find another woman for him to sleep with to confirm her claims…

So if the man cannot perform at all in bed, why in heavens name did he insist on having a DNA test when he knew none of the kids are his? This story is not connecting…..Let me wait for the man to defend his manhood.

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