Seyi Tinubu Denies Fighting With Father’s Chief Security Officer

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s son Seyi Tinubu has refuted rumors that he got into a brawl with his father’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), Fasasi Adeboyega.

According to Daily Post, He denied that he was prohibited from attending any gatherings in the Presidential Villa.

Jackson Ude, a former adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, claimed in an X report that Seyi and Adeboyega got into an argument because Seyi couldn’t get into a high-level security meeting that Tinubu was hosting.

The post stated, “Seyi Tinubu was involved in a fight with the Chief Security Officer, CSO, to the President, Fasasi Adeboyega, who stopped him from barging into a high-level meeting. As a result, his father, Bola Tinubu, banned him from attending any meetings in the Villa, including the Federal Executive Council, FEC.


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“Tinubu had declared yesterday at a Federal Executive Council, or FEC, meeting that Seyi and others who were not invited to FEC meetings ought to abstain.

“I was informed by sources inside the Villa that Seyi brought a few foreign visitors to meet his father there for a commercial transaction. The CSO informed him about his father’s scheduled security meeting. Seyi bided her time.

He returned to the CSO and demanded to be let in to see his father, determined to show the “White Businessmen” that he is the one who makes the decisions. He must wait till after the meeting, the CSO insisted. Seyi became agitated.

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