“There were times I almost gave up” Mercy Aigbe reflects on her trials as a single mother

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe is still basking in the euphoria of her daughter, Michelle’s graduation.

The proud mother of two, who can’t contain her joy, especially since she was a single mother carrying the responsibilities of her two kids, has reflected on her tough life.

Sharing a side-by-side picture of the day Michelle left for Canada, and a picture of her on her graduation day, she revealed that it was a roller coaster of emotions for her as she was happy that her daughter was finally getting to school abroad and also worried and couldn’t keep for days.

She further revealed that she kept thinking and asking herself if she made the right decision because of the several stories about kids studying abroad.

To worsen the situation, she couldn’t accompany her to school because she couldn’t afford tickets for two as she was still struggling.

Mercy, added that she almost gave up at some point and wanted to send her daughter back home to Nigeria to complete her education but God came through for her and now her daughter is a graduate.

“So Sorry I am flooding your Timeline.

I just can’t contain my joy.

Picture on the left was the day @michelleio__ left Nigeria, that day was a roller coaster of emotions for me, I was happy cos it has always been my dream but I was super scared that she would be all by herself, I was so worried and couldn’t sleep for days… I kept thinking and asking myself if I made the right decision! Cos we hear a lot of stories about kids studying abroad, how they can succumb easily to peer pressure, a lot of stories! Whew! I was so worried she was going to be all by herself in a strange land! I couldn’t go with her that very day cos I couldn’t afford a ticket for both of us then cos I had used all my money to pay school fees ( hmmmm story for another day ) … I had to send her unaccompanied, stayed up all thru, kept waiting for my phone to ring .. hmmm y’all have no idea! It was a tough period for me but God showed up strong.

Picture on the right is NOW! God made my dream come true! Kept me alive in great health to see this Day, empowered me to see her through ( it wasn’t easy but God in his infinite mercy did it)… There were times I almost gave up, I remember a particular year it wasn’t easy, I had even told Michelle that she might need to come back and finish at one of the universities back home. That I had too many responsibilities and things were not going smoothly but I never stopped working! And GOD DID IT!

Please if you are alive, if you can move your hands, legs, and every part of your body, if you can see and read my post please help me type THANK YOU GOD in the comment section please just help me THANK GOD.

I can’t stop thanking God! My heart is so full of gratitude.

MASTERS, next and I am confident God will still do it.


The movie star had earlier bragged about her daughter’s exceptional qualities, applauding herself for raising a queen.

Mercy Aigbe revealed 3 hidden qualities about her daughter as she assured her of her support.


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