EPL referees kick against new change in VAR

Premier League referees have kicked against a rule change which could see fans listen to the conversations between match officials and the VARs while they are happening.

This was revealed by FA chief executive, Mark Bullingham.

Bullingham, who is also a director at IFAB, the body which determines the laws of the game, claimed they considered making the audio available to fans live to increase “transparency”.

However, there is a “split” on the idea between officials and “marketing-and-commercial people”.

“That is something we have talked about in multiple IFABs,” Bullingham said.

“Generally there is a split in the room over that, and quite often it is between the marketing-and-commercial people and the referees.

“Our point of view from the marketing and commercial perspective would normally be that transparency is a really good thing, and we want to have fans to have the maximum experience.

“I think we have taken a step in that direction with announcing the decision by the referee and I think that is a step forward – the fans in the stadium should never know less than the fans watching on TV,” he said.

Bullingham’s comments come after a major communication error resulted in Liverpool having a goal wrongly disallowed in their 2-1 defeat to Tottenham last month.

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