I did not donate 15 million Naira to Mohbad’s son – Seyi Tinubu debunks rumour

Seyi Tinubu, the son of the Nigerian president in a latest Instagram post made it known to all and sundry that he did not donate 15 million Naira to Mohbad’s son.

Following the unfortunate passing of Mohbad last week, numerous celebrities and influencers have been encouraging people to contribute towards the well-being of his fatherless son, Liam. Many generous Nigerians have made donations with the aim of ensuring a bright future for the 5-month-old boy.

While there were initial reports stating that Seyi Tinubu had made a bank transfer of 15 million Naira to the boy’s account on September 20 2023, political commentator Japheth Omojuwa has refuted these claims. 

According to Omojuwa, Seyi Tinubu expressed deep concern and committed to supporting the child’s education and the wife, but he did not make a donation of such magnitude.

Omojuwa clarified that the circulating reports of the 15 million Naira donation are false. He emphasized that his involvement in the matter since the beginning allows him to confirm Seyi Tinubu’s position. Furthermore, Omojuwa stated that the specifics of Seyi Tinubu’s support for the child and the wife are not his place to disclose, and ultimately, it is the decision of those who received the support to share the details.

In light of this situation, it remains crucial that all donated funds, regardless of their source, are effectively managed and utilized to secure Liam’s future.


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Confirming the debunking by Omojuwa, Seyi Tinubu took to the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page to debunk it.

See screenshot of the post by Seyi Tinubu below;

Seyi Tinubu

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