Barcelona coach Xavi told Felix ‘I didn’t ask for your signing’

Barcelona coach Xavi has told Joao Felixdirectly that he wasn’t his signing choice.

Felix joined Barca on Friday on-loan from Atletico Madrid.

Okdiario’s chief pundit Eduardo Inda, speaking on El Chiringuito, said: “Xavi has told verbatim to Joao Félix two or three little things. Not very nice, politely, as it is with Xavi, but they weren’t nice.

“The first is that he did not ask for him.

“The second is that he is neither the first nor the second nor the third option. The third is that if you do it right, you have more options than anyone.

“It seems impeccable to me because if he ends up on the bench as in the Atlético de Madrid there is trouble.

“He has been trying to demonstrate (his ability) for six years. Xavi does not tell him that he does not have him, he tells him that he did not ask for his signing, but that if he performs fully, he has possibilities.”


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