Olamide On Why He Finds Portable Very Smart And Creative

Olamide on Why he finds Portable very Smart and Creative:

At first, when he started having issues with Poco lee and Kogbagidi, I was surprised, I had to reach out to Poco lee and he told me nothing was happening. I was surprised. I decided to just observe.
During this time, he keeps chatting me up and Thanking me, he was always grateful for everything I did for him, but he was still trending of one issues or the other.
Until when I finally found out he was doing that all for clout, it was funny to me at first, but I had to love him more.

He knew in Nigeria, Talent is not enough to survive, you need to be influencing, you need to be a noisy artiste to survive. Many never taught he will remain in the spotlight till date. I really love is Creative and Hardwork, he is Smart too.


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