MIA 4-3 DAL: Messi & Alba’s Combination Suggest What They’d Offer The Team

It’s no longer news that Inter Miami will now face the winner of the game between Charlotte and Houston Dynamo in the quarter-finals of the Leagues Cup. The game ended 4-4 after a dramatic 90 minutes, but it was Inter Miami that won the game on penalties by 4-3.


However, many fans have been talking about the 8-goal thriller and how Messi made the difference, while others are focused on the tactical changes made by the Dallas coach that affected his team. Also, many fans are focused on Lionel Messi as he has now scored 7 goals in four games for Inter Miami. On the other hand, this article will center on how Lionel Messi and Jordi Alba’s combination suggests what they would offer the team. Take a look!


Photo: Inter Miami VS Dallas || Twitter

1. Lionel Messi And Alba’s Partnership Would Produce Many Goals.


Photo: Inter Miami VS Dallas || Twitter

For many years, Lionel Messi has scored many goals from a Jordi Alba pass, but the most interesting part is that it is usually a trademark cut-back pass. Against Dallas, many fans had to reminisce about their time at Barcelona and how both players created that particular goal on different occasions.


Photo: Inter Miami VS Dallas || Twitter

For Inter Miami’s third goal and Jordi Alba’s second assist of the game, Lionel Messi also found Jordi Alba was a well-weighted pass and the left-back made a cut-back pass into the box before Cremaschi scored. For this reason, the combination and partnership between Lionel Messi and Jordi Alba would produce many goals and ultimately win many games for Inter Miami

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