ARS 5-2 MCI: Major Improvement Noticed In Arsenal’s Win Against City That Show They Are Ready For The EPL

The match between Arsenal and Manchester City in the Community Shield showcased two major improvements that indicate Arsenal’s readiness to compete for the Premier League title. With a focus on determination and key improvements in their attacking, midfield, and defensive strategies, Arsenal proved their potential to challenge for the top spot in the upcoming season.


1. Determination to Fight Till the End:

Throughout the match, Arsenal displayed a remarkable level of determination and resilience. Despite facing a largely forgettable 70 minutes in the season curtain-raiser, they refused to give up and continued to press on until the final whistle. It was evident that their determination was unwavering, and this spirit played a crucial role in their ability to overcome the challenges posed by Manchester City.

2. Improvement in Attack, Midfield, and Defense:


One of the key factors that contributed to Arsenal’s victory was their significant improvement in various aspects of their gameplay. Starting from their attack, they showed a more cohesive and dynamic approach, posing a constant threat to Manchester City’s defense. Their midfield, too, exhibited greater control over the game, with more effective passing and better ball retention.

However, the most notable improvement came in their defense, which has been a long-standing concern for Arsenal. Against a formidable attacking force like Manchester City, Arsenal’s defense held firm and limited their opponents’ opportunities to score. The defensive unit displayed better organization and communication, making it difficult for City to break through their backline.

Leandro Trossard’s equalizer in the 101st minute was a testament to Arsenal’s attacking prowess, but it was their defense that truly shone during the match. Holding City to a single goal throughout regular time and extra time showcased their progress in shoring up their defensive vulnerabilities.

As the game progressed to spot-kicks, Arsenal’s composure and mental strength were on full display. Despite Kevin de Bruyne’s strike hitting the crossbar and the pressure mounting, they maintained their focus. Goalkeeper Fabio Vieira’s crucial save in the penalty shootout secured the silverware for Arsenal and reflected their newfound confidence and reliability in high-stress situations.


In conclusion, Arsenal’s win against Manchester City in the Community Shield revealed their determination to fight till the end and showcased major improvements in their attacking, midfield, and defensive departments. This victory not only provided them with a psychological boost but also sent a clear message to their rivals that they are ready to challenge for the Premier League title. With the season ahead, Arsenal fans have reasons to be optimistic, as their team’s performance indicates a promising journey towards potential EPL glory.

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