‘Nigerians Would Have Gone Through Hardship Under Me But It Won’t Be As It Is Today’ – Peter Obi



The Former Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi speaking in a Twitter Space on Saturday stated that Nigerians would have gone through some hardship if he was President. He however noted that the hardship would never have been as it’s today. According to him, the problem facing the implementation of good policies in Nigeria is the strong root of corruption. He pointed out that Politicians need to be deliberate in ensuring that the country’s revenue is managed properly.

He said, ”Before you start any form of policy, there must be a good formulation and implementation. And this does not mean Nigerians are not going to go through hardship and difficulties. Nigerians would have gone through under me but it won’t be as it is today. It what we have today is that we are trapped in the process of the thinking of yesterday.

And if you are trapped in that process, you will not see tomorrow. The number one problem is Corruption, if all Politicians decide to end it we will end it. We would ensure that all the revenue of this country are accounted for and judiciously utilized.”

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