La Liga change Financial Fair Play Rules

La Liga change Financial Fair Play Rules – it means Barca can register Gundogan

La Liga have officially made a number of adjustments to their strict Financial Fair Play rules after complaints by several clubs in the league. The new rules will benefit Barcelona in registering their new signings.

Here’s a breakdown of the adjusted FFP rules.

1. Transfer fees. Clubs can now spend 50% of whatever they receive from player transfer fees. Thus, if Barca sells a player for €20m, they can use €10m to sign a new player or pay salaries. Previously it was 40%.

2. Savings. Clubs are now allowed to spend 50% of whatever costs they save on salaries. For example, Barca can use half of what they paid Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique to register players and probably sign a new player. Previously they were only allowed to spend 40% of that money.

3. Exceeded limit. If a player who took up 5% of the club’s wage bill leaves, the club are allowed to spend 60% of the money they save. Alba and Busquets were in that category. Earlier, clubs could only spend 50%.

What all the mathematical jargon means in terms of signing and registering players for Barca

The new adjustment means that Barca can easily register Ilkay Gundogan and two more players on a salary of less than €10m.

However, Barcelona still cannot go out and sign a player for €50m or more for now.

Thus, paying and registering a Vitor Roque would still prove a challenge if no player is sold this summer given that his total transfer package including salaries is around €45m. The only workaround is if Barca are allowed to pay the transfer fee in instalments the way they’re doing for Ferran Torres.

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