“My Song May Not Be Number 1 On The Chart But I Have Cars, I Have My Own House And Wives” Portable


Nigerian singer, Portable has used his new video on Instagram to reveal the things he has managed to achieve in his music career despite the fact that his song is not number one on the music chart. He took to his Instagram page to share the post, where he stated that even though his music may not currently be number one on the music chart, he has his own house, cars and wives as well.



He made it clear that he is not someone who pays money in order to get his music on top of the charts, saying that his music is real and genuine.



In the statement he made in the video, he said, “It’s your music that’s topping the charts, but I’m the one that’s been invited for shows. My song may not be number one on the chart, but I have cars, I have my own house, and wives. I don’t pay money to get my music to the top of the charts; my music is real and genuine.”



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