Why Real Madrid Has No Chance of Winning The Second Leg Champions League Semifinals

Real Madrid faced Manchester City in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. The match led to a 1-1 draw between the Los Blancos boys and the Sky Blues team. An unexpected result, but it was what it was. The team is expected to play the second leg today at Eithad Stadium, home to the Sky Blues.


The first leg saw the teams at an equal stand. Manchester City dominated the match with a ball possession ratio of 56% to 48% and 6 shots on target to 4 shots on target. This showed that the visitors were well prepared and almost took the crown home.


I dare say Real Madrid has no chance whatsoever to secure the victory needed to see them through the semi-finals. Why? All fifteen matches that the Sky Blues team has played since the beginning of this year have all ended in victories—no draws, no losses, just sweet victories. All will seem to follow suit in the second-leg semi-finals, in which the Sky Blues team will look to secure victory.

According to pundits of the game, the Premier League stands as one of the toughest football leagues to play in, and yet, Manchester City sits right on top of the table with 85 points. La Liga is ranked fifth as the toughest league to play in, and Real Madrid sits second on the table with 71 points, 14 points away from the league leaders. This already shows the team’s strengths on the chart. Real Madrid right now looks no close to defeating Manchester City any time soon, and I dare say it might be a flawless victory for the Sky Blues in the Eithad Stadium.


The match starts at 8 p.m. and will be played at Eithad Stadium


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