A Curvy Lady Shows a List Of Items Anyone Who Wishes To Marry Her Must Produce As Her Bride Price



A reliable source has revealed about a curvy lady who has shown a list of the items anyone wishing to marry her must actually produce. This will be her bride price.

In regard to this, the lady asked for two plots of land, and five aeroplanes. There were also other ambitious demands.

More to that, there are those netizens who reacted. Most of them alleged that they now know why she’s yet to get married. Some demands shows how a strong and innocent neck is supporting a skull.

A netizen alleged that, Is your brain curvy? think straight. What will you gain if you get the whole world and loose your life. Has she listed her contribution into the relationship/marriage!!? Let her put it on top of the list. I hope she has something on her name first we begin from known to unknown. She needs to visit a psychiatrist for mental assistance.


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