FG explains why contracts are approved days to inauguration of new government

FG explains why contracts are approved days to inauguration of new government

The federal government has explained why it is still approving contracts days to inauguration of a new government.

Muazu Sambo, minister of transportation, who addressed state house correspondents after the weekly federal executive council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday, May 11, said they’ll continue to perform their duties until May 28 as constitutionally required.

Sambo said; 

“Ladies and gentlemen, without any intentions of mischief, this government was elected to function from 2019 to precisely 29th of May 2023.

“Should we now stop functioning one month before the next appointment because we’re coming to the end of the tenure?

“This government must work. We expect the next government to also work until the very last day of their tenure.”

Also commenting on why several contracts were approved by the federal government, Sulaimon Adamu, minister of water resources, said the processes involved in awarding contracts take time and they expect the incoming government to ensure that the projects are completed. 

Adamu who also recalled how the current administration completed projects started by the previous administration, said;

“If I may add, there are processes and this process has started. We’re still operating the 2022 budget.

“These things are not just done in one day. We had lots of submissions to the bureau for public procurement to Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), all the agencies involved in the  procurement, and they have to get ready.

“So, anytime they’re ready, it’s at that point that we have to submit. And like the minister of transportation said, we’re still in office technically until the 28th of May.

“So, we still have to operate. And this is the instruction that we have from Mr. President. That government must continue to function regardless of elections and so on. And so we’re just doing our duty.

“We do not control the process, but when it’s completed and we’re still in office, we’re duty-bound to bring these memos to the council to approve.

“Some of the very first memos we brought to council in 2015, for me, I had no idea when they started, but I had to be briefed. This was the way that it had to be and then we were brought in here.

“So, the government is a continuum. And it should be seen as such.”

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