I Was A Devoted And Strong Muslim Who Believed That There’s No Other Way Besides Allah-Mike Bamiloye

The Founder and the President of The Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye in his recent post on Facebook shared a message to the public.




According to the testimony Mike Bamiloye Shared, Pastor Paul Adebayo said “I want to thank God for His goodness over my life through Mount Zion Faith Ministry. I Was A Devoted And Strong Muslim Who Believed That There Is No Other Way Besides Allah. I used to pray, then that if by tomorrow I will ever join them to call the name of Jesus, God should kill me.




Speaking further he said “My miracle of salvation started in 1992 when I watch “Agbara Nla” which made me begin to doubt whether being a Moslem is the only way or one of the ways. To cut the story short, I gave my life to the Lord in May 1993 and this led to another phase. Before I gave my life to Christ, whenever our Imam or Arabic teacher are not around, I used to be the one leading the congregation in prayer, being one of the senior students in Arabic school at that time.



Speaking further he said “My father believed that the decision of turning to follow Christ would definitely anger the people and that I might be killed or afflicted spiritually. This led to serious persecution that I never believe I could survive. When the persecution got to a certain level, I began to contemplate turning back but around that time, I had a reason to go to Ago-Iwoye where I met a sister who asked me to go to church with her to watch a movie. I declined initially but when she said it was the same people that produced Agbara Nla, I agreed to go remembering that it was the same movie the Lord used to soften my stony heart.



Speaking further he said “Getting to the RCCG church that day, it was the “Beginning of the End” that was the title of the movie. As I was watching the movie, the voice I was hearing in my heart was “Can the persecution you are going through be compared to what you are seeing in this movie and if the movie is this fearful to you, how do you think the real events would be after I have taken my people away”? As soon as the movie ended, the Pastor gave an altar call and I rededicated my life to Christ with the determination that I will endure the persecution and stay as a Christian than go back to my vomit. The persecution became tougher when I returned home to Ijebu-Igbo but the movie stayed in my memory and help me through until I gained my freedom in October 1995. All praise to God.


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