I Saw Tinubu’s Presidency Transforming Nigeria For The Better- Mbaka Says As New Prophecy Emerges

Messages from the supernatural that predict future occurrences in the lives of believers are known as revelations. These facts foretell what will take place in the future. These are the kinds of communications that God sends to his followers through his anointed servants. In light of this, the Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, who oversees the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, provided a brand-new prophecy via a video that was posted on the church’s Facebook page. The Enugu church distributed the video. He asserted that the Tinubu-led administration would restore Nigeria to its former splendour.



The priest is heard saying in the film, “Nigeria has been going through attacks chronicled by evil leaders for many years now. They regress us rather than moving us forward. These vile leaders have permitted a climate of insecurity to permeate this nation, and they have absolutely no regard for the generation that will come after them. They steal the wealth of this country while doing nothing to help the growing number of young people find employment opportunities.



“The administration headed by Tinubu would bring salvation to Nigeria, according to the prophecy I have been given. “Things won’t proceed the same way they have in the past. People would feel a tingling in their ears after hearing about a remarkable occurrence that occurs in Nigeria. Nigeria will be the location of this event.

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