“Don’t Allow History To Repeat Itself” PLO Lumumba Calls On These 7 Presidents To Save Sudan

Professor Lumumba has come out to call on all presidents from East Africa take an immediate action and end the conflict in Sudan before its gets out of control. Taking to his twitter page Lumumba called on the presidents of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ghana to come out and deal with the crisis. Lumumba told them that they should not allow the genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1994 to repeat itself.


“Must Sudan replicate the genocide in Rwanda 1994 for African Union to act? @KagutaMuseveni @PaulKagame @AbiyAhmedAli @Oolusegun_obj @WilliamsRuto @SuluhuSamia @JDMahama,” Lumumba said while tagging the presidents of the East African Community countries.



The paramilitary war in Sudan started last Saturday after two conflicting generals failed to reach an agreement and one of them attempted a coup which failed. So far over 400 people have lost their lives because of the war and thousands injured. Some countries have already evacuated their people who had been working in Sudan with others making plans to do so. Sudan has been a country depending on foreign aid including food and the war has sent the people into more suffering.



Foreign aid provided by the World Food Program has also been stopped after two of their workers were killed. The people hope that the neighboring countries will move in and save the situation.

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