M05 3-1 BAY: How Tuchel Has Had A Worse Season As Bayern’s Manager Than Nagelsmann

Bayer Munich has continued to put up very poor performances under Thomas Tuchel. After losing against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League, Bayern Munich was beaten by Mainz. Sadio Mane gave the away side the lead in the first half before Mainz scored three second-half goals to win the game.


However, many fans have been talking about Sadio Mane’s return to the starting lineup, Mainz second half display, Bayern Munich’s chances of winning the league, and the sacking of Julian Nagelsmann, but this article will focus on how Thomas Tuchel has had a poor season as Bayern Munich’s manager than Julian Nagelsmann. Take a look!


1. Thomas Tuchel Has Now Lost The Same Number of Games As Julian Nagelsmann Did Despite Playing Fewer Games.


Photo: Mainz 05 VS Bayern Munich || Twitter

After the embarrassing defeat against Mainz 05, Bayern Munich is likely to lose its top spot in the league depending on Dortmund’s result. However, note that Bayern Munich has now failed to win in four consecutive games since 2018. Also, Thomas Tuchel has now lost 3 games in his opening 7 games as Bayern Munich’s manager. On the other hand, Julian Nagelsmann lost only three games this season after managing more than 30 games. For this reason, it is safe to say that Thomas Tuchel has had a worse season as Bayern Munich’s manager than Julain Nagelsmann.

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