Alaafin: My father’s last ritual was giving Tinubu his blessings — First son

Prince Isreal Adeyemi, first son of the late Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, Alaafin of Oyo, has disclosed that the last ritual performed by the referred monarch was giving the President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu his blessings.

Prince Adeyemi, in an interview with NIGERIAN TRIBUNE, marking the first year remembrance of the first class monarch who died on 22nd April, 2022, discussed the remarkable achievements of the late King for the Oyo town.

According to him, Late Oba Adeyemi III brought the lost glory of the stool which gives Alaafin its due respect globally.

He said, “Let me start from the institution of the Alaafin. Oyo had only one institution that attracted attention to the town. Kabiyesi raised the bar by bringing back the lost glory of the Alaafin. The majority of his struggles had to do with the Alaafin. He brought back the lost glory of the Alaafin and put the Alaafin where he belongs. The Alaafin is now talked about all over the world. He brought back respect to the institution of the Alaafin and its chieftaincy.

“When Kabiyesi appeared in public, his dressing and aura were splendid. So, in terms of the institution of the Alaafin and its chieftaincy matters, he brought dignity, order and discipline, unlike what is happening now in some places. It pains me when I see how the traditional institution is being bastardised.”

Continuing, Prince Adeyemi, a lawyer, stated that the late king’s love for intellectual development birthed some educational institutions in the ancient town.

“During his lifetime, Oyo witnessed a lot of infrastructural development. Because of his love for intellectual development, he attracted educational institutions like the Federal College of Education (Special), Federal School of Survey and Ajayi Crowther University to Oyo,” he added.

Aside from contributions to sports development, the first of the late monarch said his father is being missed by traditional rulers nationally because of his contributions.

He added that the late days of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III was with special focus on Yoruba, stating that the Yoruba race has cost a voice through his death.

“The rate at which Oyo was developing in its nooks and crannies during his time was amazing. His contributions in other areas such as sports will also be missed. In fact, traditional rulers are missing his contributions. Is it national discourse? Towards the latter days of his life, he was now more interested in Yoruba. The last ritual he performed was giving (Senator Bola) Tinubu his blessings. He invoked the spirits of his fathers, saying the Yoruba were not going to be relegated. He fought for true federalism. He wrote many articles on that issue. So, in that area, the Yoruba have lost a voice,” he stated.

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