Woman beat pregnant sister-in-law for interfering in their family affairs

A woman identified as Ndakatei Chikwena mercilessly beat her sister-in-law for all allegedly blocking
her from evicting tenants.

The incident happened in Bulawayo’s Pumula East suburb in Zimbabwe

A neighbour who spoke to B-Metro on condition of anonymity said Ndakatei Chikwena approached her sister-in-law Nethi Chikwena and hurled insults at her while accusing her of blocking her from evicting tenants.

The neighbour said she insulted her while calling her names.

“She was fuming and hurling all sorts of unprintable words at her. She grabbed her by her neck before she punched and kicked her all over the body while declaring that she was going to kill her.

A tenant heard screams and rushed to rescue her from the daring Ndakatei.
“She faced a hard time restraining her as she wanted to inflict more harm on her. She bled and we thought she had suffered a miscarriage but we thank God the doctors at the hospital treated her and ruled out suspicions of miscarriage,” said the neighbour.

When reached for a comment Ndakatei said: “She is a liar. I never assaulted her. The problem with her is that she is poking her nose in our family matters and she wants to chuck me out of the family house and become the owner of the house. One thing for sure that will never happen.”

Nethi, who was initially evasive, later confirmed the incident but said she didn’t want to discuss family issues with the Press.

“Who told you about the incident? Yes, it happened and I’m not at liberty to furnish you with the details of it, get them from the person who gave you the story,” she said before she hung up.

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