#BBTitans: Ipeleng shocks fans as she chooses Ebubu to finale

Big Brother Titans housemate Ipeleng shocked social media users after she choses reality housemate, Ebubu for the finale.

BBTitans: Ebubu secures spot in show finals.

There has been great tension amongst fans and also Titans housemates after Big Brother gave a sealed envelope to be opened by the head of house Ipeleng on Sunday after she won the Head of House games.

While many guessed that it would be an opportunity given to Ipeleng to randomly evict one housemate, others also suggested it would give her the opportunity to select two persons for the finale.

However, upon opening the sealed envelope, she was asked to select one housemate for the finale together with her. Many anticipated she would pick either Blaqboi or Tsatsi. But to the utmost surprise, Ipeleng chose Ebubu.

Social media fans have gone Gaga over that decision of Ipeleng. Many have described her decision as wise.

@TroubleXela said; “Ipeleng picked Ebubu, nice strategy from her, ’cause she feels or believes she’s stronger than him on the outside.”

@Lanny princess said “Ebubu himself was confused and surprised. Ipeleng turned him into a siren vehicle”.

@Nonny; “Honestly if I was Tsatsi and Blaq I would be so done with Ipeleng. Whether her decision is smart or not.”

@Beautybrains also said; “So Shirtless Ebubu at the parties till finale? Ipeleng na you do this”.

@Angie; “Ipeleng is the highest gamer in that house, hope you guys are seeing”.

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