Peter Obi Has Caused Tribal War Between Igbo And Yoruba,95% Of My Yoruba Friends Voted For Him

Donu Kogbara, the Media Consultant to Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), has revealed that the labour party presidential candidate Peter Obi being the bigger picture has caused tribal war between the Igbo and Yoruba. She said 95% of her friends voted for the labour party presidential candidate, and he can assure anyone of that.



Speaking in an exclusive interview with Arise TV, Donu Kogbara said that she is concerned about the bigger picture in the story. The Peter Obi thing has caused a tribal war between the Igbo and Yoruba. Especially in Lagos, I can tell you 95% of my Yoruba friends voted for Peter Obi and they are even more much pressed than she is right now.

Kogbara said that sometimes she is the one always calming and consoling her friends talking about the issue, she is the one telling them that is Tinubu is really that bad? What are your thoughts on this?


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